Painted Daisies

wpid-20150413_202047.jpgWe re-addressed Sunday’s daisies in class tonight. Since all but one of us had already worked on this image in pastel, we decided that, in the interest of working in series, we should try it in paint. It was a different set of problems, that’s for sure. And it was great to see that everyone except me got creative and approached their paintings differently than they did their pastels. Catharina got her first crack at the daisy photo and did a gorgeous painting in oil. Loraine took her painting to a higher key than her pastel. Very bright and pretty. Ricki changed the format, keeping the lovely lit hole in the trees as a focal point and produced a very dynamic and punchy painting. Brenda came back to the fold again (she misses us!) and really worked up a nicely layered painting. She got frustrated in the middle, (Brenda hates the awkward stage!!) but started pulling out a great image in the end. It’s under her hand. You can’t see it. What you can see is that she’s smiling. Big. And she doesn’t often do that in the final photo! See, she misses us.

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