Choosing a Pastel Palette

I have spent the past few days cleaning my studio so I would feel like working. It’s sort of clean and kind of organized now, so I did some thumbnail sketches yesterday, prepped some paper for pastel, and did some watercolor washes for background. Tonight, I pulled out my menagerie of pastels and set about closing some colors for my little sketches. Aaaaaarrrrgggggh! That was me, channeling Charlie Brown. I instantly wished for the set of pastels that I have access to in our fun classes with Michele Wells. My brain was telling me to choose colors for my receding banks of trees that got lighter in value and cooler in temperature. Well, with my selection of colors, I could get lighter or I could get cooler but not both. What’s a girl to do?! I gave up for the event when I started putting a pure brilliant blue in my distant trees and I could feel it vibrating in my head. Google to the rescue! I was going to look up how to mix colors when you don’t have 437 pastels to choose from.  I’m still going to look it up, I have words like simultaneous contrast and layering running through my head, but I wanted to share this link with you all. I stumbled upon this article about choosing your palette, and it makes so much sense. Tomorrow, I’m going to reorganize what I have with these guidelines in mind. Then I’ll have a better understanding of what I can do with what I do have as well as what I need to add to my collection to round it out. I’ll get back to you on that color mixing thing.

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