Majolica Madness

wpid-20161130_195223.jpgIn our third installment of Totally Tubular Tile Tinkering, we introduced color into the mix. We used Stroke ‘n Coat on bisque fired slip, and then we used oxides and underglazes on majolica glaze. The results were fun and sometimes interestingly unexpected! Photos of the finished pieces are upcoming. Thank you to everyone who has participate in making these workshops so much fun!

Dates for the next series of workshops are:

January 18th: Fat tiles (constructed) and newsprint transfers
February 8th: Dimensional Tiles
March 1st: Tile casting


Tile Workshop #1

wpid-20161019_194111.jpgWe had our first tile workshop tonight, and everyone had a great time! We explored texture tonight and used all sorts of interesting things to impress into our clay. We started with a large slab and built up texture all over it. Then we searched out little squares of beauty in those slabs and cut them out. We slipped them, let them set, then scraped some back. Everyone had such different surfaces, but all of them, so interesting. Then, we did it backwards. Squares, slip, then texture. So much fun. Thank you to everyone who came out to learn about tile making with Susan and myself. Some of you are already signed up for the next one, so see you then!

Purple O’Keeffe

wpid-20160906_125158.jpgThis week, the Edwardsville and Shiloh classes were both florals. That rarely happens. I chose an O’Keefe that has a lot of subtle color changes going on. We started the classes with a blind contour drawing to get our brains in the mood to focus, then we worked with various purples and pinks and reds to create our forms. Our goal was to really focus on the subtle color and temperature changes going on in the painting. It was a good exercise in really seeing. It was slow going, though, so there’s homework in order!


Student Gallery

wpid-20160514_120057.jpgI just wanted you all to see how amazing it can be to have your own work on your walls. Jim, from the Edwardsville classes, has hung most of his paintings around his home. The color this adds to the rooms is so much fun! Everyone who visits is impressed by the artwork, and Jim gets to see his creations every day. I always encourage students to hang their work. It is good for the education and good for the soul.

Best. Mattress. Ever.

logobSave $50 on your own customized Helix mattress

I may have mentioned that Jim and I purchased a new mattress online a couple of months ago. I promised several people that I would report on our experience. We purchased, with absolutely no risk, a fully customized king size mattress from and we haven’t slept better in decades. We love it! It is extremely supportive and comfy, it was no risk, it was significantly less expensive than a retail mattress. If we had a guest room, we’d buy another one! Read on for details.

Come Sail Away version 1-3

wpid-20160509_195456.jpgwpid-20160517_123003.jpgwpid-20160517_195735.jpgThree versions of this painting in two days. We painted it first in Shiloh, with Loraine working in wmOils and Paul and Brenda using acrylics. Then, we painted it twice on Tuesday in Edwardsville. We spoke about color and the importance of greys, perspective and how to increase the depth of the image by using varying sizes and placements of the boats, and we got to see so many different versions of this image, all lovely and all successful.