Orange Daisies

wpid-20151012_200801.jpgI can’t believe that Loraine and Denise have never painted this floral arrangement. It’s been floating around for years. I do love it, though, so I thought I’d give the girls their chance to play with it. Once again, every one is different. Fluffy flowers, spiky flowers, but all lovely. Shared how simple and effective a bit of reflection can be to establish a ground. Very nice work, ladies.

And Icing on Top



I’ve never had a painting class make me so hungry before! We started painting these cupcakes, and then we started talking about food. It was all downhill from there. We did have fun experimenting with the super heavy gloss gel. That made a much different icing than the modeling paste we tried in Edwardsville last week. This was smooth, shiny, and extremely thick. It made me think of those Ted Drewes commercials with the spoon upside down.  I really liked the effect. These cupcakes were really fun to play with.

Bon Voyage

wpid-20150720_195522.jpgThese are my girls. I love them! They have been painting with me since the beginning, and we’ve had a great time. Joyce and Catharina have moved on to tackle oilier paint, and now Ricki is leaving us behind for the bright lights of D.C. We’re going to miss her terribly! It was great to get the gang back together to send her off, though. We even managed to welcome a new student into the mix without scaring her off. I warned her, though, pizza and cupcakes aren’t typical. She’s the one behind the camera. I didn’t even take a picture of the paintings that went down!! I was too caught up in the festivities. Good luck to Ricki and Paul. We’ll miss you terribly!

I will cherish these paintings. Ricki gave me one of her seascapes, and Joyce gave me a floral painting. Love them. Bunches. And we had butter bomb cupcakes. I accidentally put the cupcake butter and the icing butter in the cupcakes. OUCH! They were definitely buttery and dense. Didn’t stop me from eating one…or two.




Water water everywhere…

wpid-20150706_194933.jpgRicki is back with us tonight and painting a Ricki-Monet. It looked like fun! She did a great job, and got done really fun messy buttery lilypads that really floated on the surface of the painting. Nice. Loraine went abstract again, this time with a big yellow sun shape. She struggled with the water for a but, but then she nailed it. It was all about mingling those two colors together at the edges of the reflection. Once she got that going, it looked amazing. Very fun abstract with great colors!

Landscapes and Flowers

wpid-img_22441.jpgRicki was back tonight, so Joyce dropped in to play with us! She did a gorgeous pastel of a painting by somebody…not sure who. I can’t wait to see her do the same thing from a photo! It’ll happen. Guaranteed. Joyce worked hard on getting those oranges and neutrals to play nicely together. The sky looks fantastic, and the water is glowing nicely. Jasmine returned with a very nice collection of homework drawings, and tonight she created her own composition from different photos. Very nice! Ricki did some editing to one of her favorite painters and improved upon the composition. Catharina stopped in to say hi tonight, too. It was good to have the gang back together.

Monday Night Painters 6/8


What a fun night! Monday night girls’ night is my favorite night. Loraine continued with her abstract phase, Joyce did some really crazy color and a lovely little landscape, Sarah painted a nice landscape with a very textured tree, and Brenda worked in what is going to be a freaky fun marina scene with great deco colored houses. Fun!

Maggie’s Back!

Just thought you should know. Loraine brought our favorite visiting artist back to class tonight. Maggie showed us how it’s done by painting not one, but TWO lovely paintings. Brenda worked on a great hibiscus to complement the wall of florals in her house. Astrid did a great job on a lighthouse painting for her dad for Father’s Day. Ricki had lots of fun abstracting florals. Lots of great and crazy color and movement. Loraine also went abstract on us tonight. She did a fantastic painting of colors and textures in rust. Love it. I worked out our seascape for Tuesday’s class. Straight from Costa Rica.


Snow Scenes, Kitties, Cities, and Pe-o-nies

wpid-20150511_201554.jpgThree finished paintings tonight. It’s a good feeling. Loraine got rid of the “damned tree” and fine tuned her Twachtman, Joyce had fun with the washy side of oil paints, and Ricki took advantage of old cruise brochures and painted a great abstract cityscape. Fun!

Loraine was so sweet to bring me a bouquet of peonies from her house. They smell heavenly! Jim and I took them into the photo studio (read basement) and gave them the glamourshots treatment. Here are two versions that you can send off to walgreens for reference photos. They images are square, but the jpgs are 4×6 for crop free walgreens printing. Click on the thumbnails to get the full size images.

peonies2 peonies1