Water water everywhere…

wpid-20150706_194933.jpgRicki is back with us tonight and painting a Ricki-Monet. It looked like fun! She did a great job, and got done really fun messy buttery lilypads that really floated on the surface of the painting. Nice. Loraine went abstract again, this time with a big yellow sun shape. She struggled with the water for a but, but then she nailed it. It was all about mingling those two colors together at the edges of the reflection. Once she got that going, it looked amazing. Very fun abstract with great colors!

Costa Rica 2.0

We revisited the photo from Costa Rica tonight. It’s a challenge to paint nearly everything purple and have it work, but we did! Lots of discussion about atmospheric perspective and greyed out colors. Everyone did a nice job, although we all want to paint more clouds and get better at it. We also know that the better we get at painting clouds, the better we’ll want them to look.


Costa Rica, Baby!

wpid-20150602_122111.jpg wpid-20150602_121053.jpgWe painted a lovely misty seascape from an image, courtesy of Jim, of Costa Rica. It was all about subtle value changes, and atmospheric perspective. We also learned about the magic of zinc white! Lovely paintings, everyone. Welcome to our newest painter, Lark! She’s our jewelry instructor here at Michaels. She’s a great instructor, and is going to be a great painter, too!

Just Beachy

wpid-20150515_155323.jpgWe painted a couple of different beach scenes tonight. Cathy and Niki (who didn’t want to be involved in photographic documentation tonight) painted a great tree on the beach. We talked about the order in which we approach the different segments of a painting, and why. It is easier to paint the things that are the furthest away first so you can paint the closer things on top of them. Or, you paint spots of color next to spots of color instead of painting objects, and you can paint everything at the same time. Different ways of processing an image. Brenda did such a gorgeous job on her palm umbrella and super transparent shadow! I’m just really loving that painting. Great job, everyone!


A Day on the Beach


We painted the beach today, in several different ways. Betty who hadn’t painted the dinghy before, painted with brushes, and those who had painted it before used a palette knife. I’m sure the knife painters felt like they were painting with their toes, but they all turned out really yummy buttery paintings. It was great watching them experience the difference of using a good quantity of paint. It really moves! It can really turn into a mess fast, too, right? And Betty, who has only been to a few classes, did a fantastic job with what seems like such a simple painting at first glance. Brenda opted to paint a different beach scene (shown here unfinished) and had to contend with shadows on sand and sunlight on white fabric. It turned out really well, too. Now, let’s see how many people choose the palette knife as a tool again, and how many side with Brenda and never want to do it again.

Dinghy Day

wpid-20150209_145943.jpgWe painted the fun little boat again today. Angie and Kathy did a great job if mixing colors, using nice buttery paint, and creating vibrant and interesting seascapes. They had a lot of texture abd interest in their water and sky, and did areally nice job of personalizing their boats. Lovely paintings, ladies!

Warmer Days


We took a warmer path today. Dreaming of warmer climates was a nice way to spend a morning. This is a fun image because we have the cool white under the umbrella and the warm white in the sunshine. We talked about reflected light, transparent shadows, and how to mix sand. Welcome to our newest student, Betty. She did a great job keeping up and had no trouble mixing colors!

Winter Pick-Me-Up


It may be chilly here, but we turned it thoughts toward warmer places today. We painted this relaxing bit of sunshine and sand and it definitely brightened the day. We focused on creating the feel of shade on the front chair and bright sunshine on the back chair. Lots of cool whites, warm reflected light, and soft shadows. Great job on a difficult image today. Frame then, hang them, and dream of summer.