Wavy Gravy


Oooh, this was a tough one. The simple ones always are! We had one color family and one subject with a very obvious shape. Easy peasey, right? Not. Mixing the various greens and blues was a tough job. Likewise, getting the illusion of that wave curling over and crashing behind the foreground water was tough. Those who had zinc white in their arsenal had an easier time with the foam. The transparency of the zinc white makes it easier to sneak up on the brightest areas. This ended up being a fun and educational exercise. Everyone did a great job. Welcome to our newest painter, Cathy!

Sunsets Aplenty!

We painted more sunsets this week than you can shake a paintbrush at (15 student paintings, to be exact (Paul left before we got a photo!)). We started with a lovely photo of a beach reflecting the oranges of the fading sun. This painting was full of drama and subtlety, and we worked very hard trying to capture the directionality of the sky, the reflective quality of the wet sand, the texture of the shadowed sand, and the depth of the bank of trees. Lots of work, but everyone did a wonderful job. We learned a new technique, too. Sgraffito. We used sgraffito in the trees to pull some of the sunset through them. Very fun and effective.






Patrick Again


They thought it would be fun to paint the starfish again. I’m not sure they still feel that way! Some good paintings (after they got some distance from them, it was easier to see!). Loraine is on a starfish boycott. Her beach is unsullied by wayward marine life. I think we ought to do it again next week. 😉

Boats on the beach


We had a common image in all the classes this week. We didn’t always have time to get to the people in the boat, but the image is nice even without them. We learned about using zinc white for the surf,  dry brushing to get the sand texture to mingle with the wet purple sand, and we practiced water for-like shadows and letting them crawl up the object to really anchor it.

This great photo of two boats on the beach was found at wetcanvas.com. Thank you to photographer Lee Crossley for the image.

Palm Tuesday


Becky D was nice enough to let us paint this tropical beach scene that she photographed on a trip to Hawaii. It’s a really lovely scene with cool purple shadows crawling across the pale orange sand and a nice frondy palm tree to take center-ish stage. I really enjoyed watching these progress. All so different, but all so nicely done!