Yarn 1/5


I don’t know why I never take photos of the yarn classes. I swear I’m going to start! Tonight, we welcomed a new knitter, Debby, and Alice learned a new trick with the Foundation Single Crochet. I’m SO excited that she did that! She also brought in her gorgeous finished scarf. She’s been working on that for a couple of weeks, and I think it is stunning.


We did a lot of crocheting tonight. Actually, when Suzanne left early we lost our only knitter. Alice was working away on her new scarf. Funny, she can crochet a granny square with her eyes closed, but when you ask her to crochet flat she gets nervous! Michele picked up her crocheting fast and was doing a great job with pattern stitches. Amy thought she’d never get it, but she was rocking the single crochet before she left. Perserverance, Grasshopper.


Yarn 5/26

wpid-20150526_202946.jpgWe did a lot of work tonight. Alice tried her hand at a new pattern stitch. I’m not sure she made friends with it, though. Kari learned how to weave in ends, start new skeins properly, and carry yarn up the side of her project. Her very super cute project. Karah perfected her knitting and tensioning, and Katie moved on to purling. They both worked on dishcloths. Karah is going for the utilitarian variety and Katie bought some yummy Misrahi cotton that is super soft. It will make a nice face cloth. I think a set of spa cloths in that yarn would make a great shower gift. Nice job, ladies.

wpid-20150414_201025.jpgI never take photos during knit/crochet. It’s terrible. It’s not because I don’t love my yarnies. I DO! I think it’s because I’m running around like a crazy girl helping everyone and I forget. But tonight I didn’t forget. Still running around. Still crazy. But, we got a photo. It was a good class. Several new yarnies, several old experienced yarnies. It was a fun night. You can see a peek of Suzanne’s yummy fall color afghan and some of Alice’s (you can call her Granny Square Queen) current afghan squares. We’re going to get Suzanne to start some lace soon. Mwahahahaha. Oh, and did you all notice that after I told Karah and Katie that there isn’t any really yummy cotton yarn at Michaels, suddenly there is some suuuuper soft very yummy Isaac Mizrahi cotton. I’ve got to get some of that. It’s really nice.

Big Sticks!


We knit with the big sticks again, today. It’s so much fun to learn, and it’s amazing how quickly you can knit with your arms. I think everyone was headed to the yarn aisle to pick out more colors to try out multi-stranded arm knitting at home. I’m glad we finally got everyone together to have this class. It was a fun afternoon.

Yarn 1/20/15

wpid-20150120_174753.jpgFour new arm knitters have discovered the yarn addiction. We had a fun time and everyone cruised through their scarves. Lots of great colors!

After arm knitting, we had a big group of knitters and wpid-20150120_203616.jpgcrocheters. Three ‘regulars’, a laceweight cabling coworker, and a bunch of new knitters and crocheters. Everyone did a great job, and I can see new yarn addicts in the making. Great job, everyone.

Yarn 11/25


Lea put down her stems tonight to learn how to arm knit…AND she brought her husband Brian. They both did a great job and finished scarves. Brian is our expert at the slip knot and cast on because he repeated them so many times, but it was worth it. Lea ended up dropping a few stitches and would have had to start over, but we tied off the end and it’s an adorable scarf! Kim bright her daughter, Carly, and they both knitted great scarves. Kim did an awesome combination of three yarns and gets the gold star for great design.

11/18 Knit/Crochet


We had a small group tonight, but we accomplished a lot. Jan learned how to pick up dropped stitches and that’s a gigantic leap forward in her knitting skills. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not so afraid of messing up because you know you can fix it. Marsha and Rita tackled some crochet, Rita with pattern reading and Marsha from square one…almost. She picked up rather quickly, as she had crocheted a long time ago. She got a lot of practice counting to 20. Now that Rita can read a pattern, there’s no stopping her!