Daisy, Daisy…..

wpid-20170117_121503.jpgwpid-20170117_123603.jpgWe didn’t just draw daisies today, we drew specific daisies. We really worked hard on observation and representing specific flowers with all of their oddities and imperfections. We also got to dissect some of those pesky foreshortened petal views that are so difficult to deal with. Great exercise that will benefit you in your future flower drawings.





Third Friday Watercolor

wpid-20161021_201044.jpgWe painted with watercolors for this Third Friday Class. We did the same technique we did last time, but we started with compositions from my watercolors. That gave us a lot more time to paint! So, we talked about wet into wet application, dry brushing, color combinations, pigment strength, drawing marks, and keeping it interesting. It’s a lot to process, but the more you do it the better it gets! I think these all turned out so beautifully. It really is a lovely medium and a fun way to doodle!

If You Can’t Beat ’em…

wpid-20161014_200809.jpgThere are holiday decorations all over the store, so why not paint them, too! It was a nice practice for potentially creating our own holiday cards this year. This was a photo I took last year of a still life I set up in the classroom. Just a few ornaments sitting on the classroom table. We had to make up our backgrounds. So easy to do. You could set up your own still life at home and paint your cards! How about watercolor?! Fun!

Frustrating Floral




We attempted to paint one of Paige’s lovely arrangements today in the style of Stefan Luchian. Jean and Mary the Younger painted from Luchian’s painting and did a fantastic job. You can really tell that Mary the Younger loves to paint. Mary the Elder, Connie, and I tried to keep Luchian’s general to specific method in mind while we painted from life. It was a struggle, and none of us finished, but it was really educational. It’s hard to keep your brain on track and work general to specific. We are always trying to throw detail in before it’s time. Myself included. But, the more we try, the more we’ll succeed. I intend to work on mine some more and see if I can bring it to some sort of conclusion. I’m hoping that Mary and Connie will do the same. It will help to come back to it after a break.

Garden Design 101


I wanted to discuss designing your own composition today. We took photos of various flowers and attempted to compose a painting from pieces. We discussed creating a dynamic background and flower placement and development. These are great and vibrant paintings! And I know from experience that it gets easier the more toy do it.

Flowers Simplified

I absolutely forgot to take a photo of our drawings today. But, I wanted to document a topic of conversation from today’s class. We spoke at length about simplifying flowers into groups of petals and the shapes they make. Rather than drawing every single petal, draw the shapes that like-valued petals make and then fine tune after. This was my quick sunflower sketch example of that concept. This applies just as much to painting! wpid-2016-06-11-22.14.55.png.png




Sunshine Floral


I love this photo. The sunlight on the floor and then reflected in the vase just makes me giggle. That was the focus of the painting and where most of the work was. Getting those values and shapes correct so that you can really feel the sunshine. The flowers are so loose and lovely that they really came easily after all that work on vases and reflections and light. I just love the way these all turned out and all so different! Very well done, everyone.



This was a new subject for us to paint. We interpreted a photo of hollyhocks and created our own abstract floral painting. We did a nice dark medley of greens in the background, then focused on a few large flowers in the foreground. Finally, we sprinkled some pops of colors to indicate other small flowers. It was a fun exercise that I think ended up very successful. Welcome to our newest painters, Kathy and Kim! Great job, ladies!