Holy Hopper, Batman!


Given a choice between several subjects, the ladies overwhelmingly chose the Hopper painting. Such a great image, but much harder than it looks, right? We learned a great lesson tonight, that sometimes a painting is like that weird movie that makes no sense for nearly two hours, then in the last 5 minutes everything comes together to make sense. Way to hang in there until everything coalesced, ladies. These really are some lovely paintings. Let’s hear it for yellow and purple…yum!

Peter Piper


What a great painting! Welcome back, Jane, and welcome to Rebecca. You both did a fantastic job. These peppers are a challenge with all of their twists and turns and with their monochromatic color scheme. It really forces you to create form with value. You both did a lovely job, and I hope you pop these into frames and hang them. Really nice.

Lake Effects


We had a brand new group tonight, and they got to work on water and reflections. Two of the harder things to accomplish, but everyone did a very nice job. We talked about all kinds of things tonight, such as the color wheel, analogous colors, complementary colors, atmospheric perspective. Wow, that’s a lot! It gets easier the more you do it, so keep painting!

Tiffany Eggs


Tiffany Blue, that is. I hear it’s a popular color. Whitney and Addy did a great job with these paintings. We did a TON of layering to get that nesty feel, and then we learned one way to get a nice gradient on a sphere. We also talked about how to connect objects with their surroundings using shadows. Nice job, ladies!

Life’s a Beach, Again.


We had a full house tonight for the popular beached boat painting. 6 new students! Wow! And every one did a fantastic job on this painting. It looks simple until you dive in and realize there’s a whole lot going on, and a lot of tricky color mixing. We talked about lost edges and letting the shadow crawl up the object casting the shadow to ground the object. Great job, everyone. How to see you all back in two weeks for the floral painting.

Baa Baa Black Sheep 2.0


This was a woolly painting at times, but it was no match for my painting superstars! We talked a lot about fine tuning the focus of the painting, letting our brush with help with the texture of the lamb, and using value to state the form of the lamb. I don’t think these turned out half baad! Ok, enough bad jokes. These really are very lovely paintings. I enjoyed watching them all progress and the difference between them all. I think they all deserve a nice frame.

Very Very Van Gogh


Round two of Van Gogh’s sunflower still life. We love this turquoise!  We found out just how transparent our yellow paint really is. Very hard to cover that background with such a transparent color. Adding a touch of white to the background petals helps, as does using thicker paint. This was a tough one. Lots of work, and it was a push to finish. This one comes with homework. But, a few finishing touches at home, and these are definitely framers! Great job, everyone.