Daisy, Daisy…..

wpid-20170117_121503.jpgwpid-20170117_123603.jpgWe didn’t just draw daisies today, we drew specific daisies. We really worked hard on observation and representing specific flowers with all of their oddities and imperfections. We also got to dissect some of those pesky foreshortened petal views that are so difficult to deal with. Great exercise that will benefit you in your future flower drawings.






Monwpid-20170109_201949.jpgday night, we addressed the greyscale still life in Shiloh. The girls did a great job mixing and remixing the same greys over…and over….and over. It was a good exercise in value and in color mixing.




Tuesday, we did the same image, but everyone chose their own colors. We focusedon choosing the proper value independent of the color chosen. It was a fun and beneficial exercise that let everyone experience the fun of random color along with the importance of proper values.





wpid-20170103_123713.jpgWhat could be better than always having something to draw at the end of your arm? When you’re at a loss, draw yourself. You’ll learn so much trying to draw the forms of the face. I think the brain is more devious when drawing ourselves than at any other artistic endeavor. If we ever had to battle drawing what we think we see, this is definitely the worst. But, if we are really focused and observant, we can overpower that know-it-all brain and produce great drawings! Everyone worked very hard today and did a great job.

Ho Ho Woof



We got into the Christmas spirit today with some Santa Puppy drawing fun. ¬†Everyone chose a different dog, and we worked hard on value and proportion. There was a lot of discussion about measuring, comparing values, and line use. Ok, there was also a lot of awwwwing and oooohing over the cute puppies. It’s always fun to draw adorable!




Pine Forest

wpid-20161213_124427.jpgWe had a lesson on pine trees today. It’s very easy to let your brain take over and create trees that look stylized. That’s what our brains do. But with some careful observation, and some deconstruction, we were able to beat our know-it-all brains and create some really lovely and realistic pine trees touched with snow. Such a lovely and quiet painting.


eVALUEating Eggs


Today was an exercise in patience, observation, focus, the art of listening, and value. Everyone did a fantastic job of dealing with a deceptively simple subject, but Diana gets the gold star for all of the above. She lacks confidence in her artistic abilities (don’t we all?), which is usually a hindrance, but today served her well. In her trepidation, she listened to what I had to say about value and building tone slowly and she paid¬† extremely close attention to her work. I watched her really looking at the photo and truly trying to understand and do well. It was wonderful. And in the end she was rewarded for her work with a beautiful, subtle, fantastically shaded and valued drawing. I am well impressed. She’s definitely becoming a great artist.

Tesla Tuesday


We had the most adorable model today! Tesla the Pocket Pittie and her purely decorative ears! I love the photograph that my husband took of our sweet little deaf girl. The shadows are so stark and graphic and cool. And her pink ears are such a great contrast to that cool shadow. We started with a tracing and then chose our light, medium, and dark colors and values. Working these distinct values made it easy to really sculpt the form and get a good likeness. Everyone did a fantastic job. Special Kudos to Jeanette for keeping up so well in her first painting class! Very nice job.