About Clouds

We had a great conversation at the beginning of class tonight. Brenda, Joyce, and Sarah are all beginning to look at the world and other art with a more critical eye. There was some discussion about the ability to create believable clouds with acrylic rather than oil. Here are some images that show the beautiful skies you can create with either medium.

Here is a great page of examples of clouds in art. These are all oil paintings. Notice how different each painting is and how the artists use different approaches to clouds to help create different atmospheres in each painting.

Check out this video that shows an artist painting clouds in acrylic. Take special note of how he works with varying values of the same hue. Also, notice how he applies a bit of paint and scumbles it in until the brush needs more paint.

Here is a page that has a nice tutorial for a sunset in acrylics. I think it’s a nice image. He also offers some drawing tutorials. I find his still life tutorial lacking, in that it is just a line drawing without dealing with light. However, his perspective tutorials are a good beginning introduction to perspective.

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