wpid-20150414_201025.jpgI never take photos during knit/crochet. It’s terrible. It’s not because I don’t love my yarnies. I DO! I think it’s because I’m running around like a crazy girl helping everyone and I forget. But tonight I didn’t forget. Still running around. Still crazy. But, we got a photo. It was a good class. Several new yarnies, several old experienced yarnies. It was a fun night. You can see a peek of Suzanne’s yummy fall color afghan and some of Alice’s (you can call her Granny Square Queen) current afghan squares. We’re going to get Suzanne to start some lace soon. Mwahahahaha. Oh, and did you all notice that after I told Karah and Katie that there isn’t any really yummy cotton yarn at Michaels, suddenly there is some suuuuper soft very yummy Isaac Mizrahi cotton. I’ve got to get some of that. It’s really nice.

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